Cutting Service
We offer for our customers cutting service – special widths for special requirements to support you in your daily work.
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Restroll - calculator    
This calculator is meant as a help for your daily work, but is no legally binding guarantee for real length.
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Shipping Conditions
Please see here our shipping conditions.
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General Conditions
Please find here our general conditions, for orders, shipments or quality claims.
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Complaint Form
We try to choose our suppliers well, and long-term relationship and good cooperation is our target, but in very few cases it can happen that there are quality problems even with the best supplier. In such cases of course we will exchange such products quickly and without additional costs for you.

To be able to find out the reason, or maybe to give more handling advise, we need specific information which is summarised in the attached complaint-form which we will ask you to fill out for any claim.

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Unfortunately some of our products are subject to packaging-fee-law due to their customs number… we know that you do not use banner, backlit or roll-up for packaging, but we need your confirmation in written form not to be forced to charge the packaging-fee according to the law. Please find more information here.
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