• All sales of MULTI-JET Kft. to the Buyers are subject to these General Conditions, deviating purchase conditions are only valid if expressively accepted by the Seller.
  • Acceptance of these conditions is made implicitly by the Buyer with the purchase of the merchandise.


  • Orders can be sent by phone, fax or e-mail. Order confirmations will be sent only on request as orders normally are processed the same day (the separately announced shipping conditions are part of these General Conditions).
  • For first orders of new customers the following is requested: Full Name of Company, Purchaser, full Adress, Tax Number, Phone and e-mail. Orders from new Buyers are only accepted in written form (e-mail, letter).
  • If delivery adress different from invoice-adress this must be mentioned on the order – otherwise there is no responsibility on Seller´s side concerning correct shipment.


  • Any order received until 13.00 Monday to Friday is processed and shiped the same day (for merchandise on stock).
  • For transportd the separately announced shipping conditions apply.


  • If parcels damaged, the buyer is obliged to open the parcel in front of representatives of the company or the transportcompany who supplied the parcel to verify the content o f the package and to verify the integrity of goods.
  • Any damage or missing of products must be noticed on the shipping letter when signed to approve the receipt of goods!
  • Any claim concerning missing products or damaged parcels can only be accepted if noticed on the shipping letter.
  • Wrongly received goods or merchandise will be exchanged for free, but only if the Seller is informed within 5 working days. Complaints for wrongly rececived goods can be NOT accepted after that deadline.

  • Any claim of quality of products is only accepted in written form and with completed complaint form within 8 days after receipt of product. The Seller will respond in writing form if the complaint can be accepted or not. If the claim is accepted the goods will be exchanged on cost of the Seller or if this is not possible the invoice will be credited.
  • Claims for quality can be only accepted for items which do not work according to manufacturer's specifications and which are used properly according to datasheet.
  • Any returned defective product is accepted when accompanied by the original packaging.
  • We do not accept returns for any consumable that is defective in powder form packaged in box of plastic / nylon (toners).
  • Any action (return / product exchange) will be done after completing the complaint and determining the guilt (supplier / manufacturer / customer).

  • The Seller warrants that the goods sold correspond to quality standards set by the manufacturer. Replacement of defective products or refund to the Buyer only if the product was used according to manufacturer's recommendations. The replacement will be made within max. 10 days after completing the complaint.


  • The payment terms can be agreed individually. For first orders of new customers cash- or prepayment is requested.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or in cash, in the amount and date stipulated in the bill.
    The amount due must be credited to the account of the seller within the term specified on the invoice. In case of late payment the seller is entitled to charge interest within the limits of the actual laws concerning late payments.
  • Payment by bank transfer can be only made to:
    Forint-amounts: Unicredit Budapest, HU29 10918001-00000005-53500004
    Euro-amounts:   Raiffeisenbank Frastanz-Satteins, IBAN: AT75 3742 4000 0001 5263,
    BIC: R V V G A T 2 B 4 2 4
  • The Seller remains the owner of the goods invoiced until the full payment the corresponding invoice.


  • Any disputes between the contracting parties shall be settled amicably, and if this is not possible, the dispute will be submitted for settlement emerged competent court in the city of Budapest.
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